Hello, you're welcome you are here in our library.
We are a group of people, who find name and basic idea in famous post-nuclear cyberpunk game Fallout. General imaging (vision of doom of overtechnized civilization, which exploited the planet in such case, that for rest of raw-materials and place to live unleashed the nuclear hell... ), as well as the idea of Followers of the Apocalypse (self-education and spreading of knowledge to stop of repeating this nuclear apocalypse) forsaked a deep impress.
So we found this punk library to spread a education among underground members and activities and in symbolic way we resist the apocalyptic doom as well as decline of today's society and spread a fruits of knowledge among us so we make a realized alternative contra-culture to this today's rottin' one... A ways of our fight are, besides others less peaceful activities, these pages, there you can find ideas of underground members and ourself presentations, zines and other, but also a lyrics of (mainly) punk-rock groups of rebels...

Knowledge Is Life!