Many wars in history
Brings only a pain
Blood and deathÝs old story
All world is insane

Children and other innocents
Massacred in all of ages
Gold and might presents
Horror of warmen rages

War is all horrible
Fear and evil acts
Life becomes terrible
Slaughterhouse in the facts

  Follow the Apocalypse
  Follow the Apocalypse, please
  If you donÝt want to see this

  The sky blows in red
  Creation of beast of dept
  The wind of doom and death
  Empty skulls remaining life in mad

Last war, atomic war
Ride of final doom
You never have seen before
such piece of absurdum

For rest of materies
Beggun hell of fire
Scenes of territories
Without life desire

The end of civilization
Radiation over whole land
This is last damnation
And itÝs mean the end...


  Knowledge is our life !