Solidarity action for evicted Prague squatters

----------------- Anarchist News from the Czech Republic No.18 -----------------

On 11th November members of a feminist association Wera and ORA-SOLIDARITA and other radicals blocked an entrance of the city council in Brno to protest against an eviction of Prague squatters of Ladronka. In this way they wanted to highlight the injustice, which was being done by authorities to Ladronka squatters and to assert a right of poor people to solve their housing crisis through trespassing into privately owned empty houses and flats which are used only for speculation.

Comrades prevented a mayor of the city of Brno from leaving his office. He was furiously trying to get through the blocade, but unsuccessfuly. He was shouting at protesters that this was "his" city and "his" city council and that they were committing a crime against the city of Brno.

Eventually the police was called in and after some non-violent resistance from protesters it broke through the blocade and destroyed it. One of the protesters was arrested.

Together with all anti-authoritarians ORA-SOLIDARITA members also participated in the resistance against the eviction of Ladronka squatt

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