Czech Solidarity for A16 Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc

Dear comrades!

Revolutionary Anarchist greetings from the Czech Republic to all of the participants in the A16 Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc. We are a small revolutionary anarchist (platformist) group of workers, the unemployed and students from the Czech Republic, called Solidarita. We are one of the left and environmentalist Czech organisations which are calling for an international mass mobilisation against IMF/WB conference in Prague for this year's September 26th.

The Czech Republic is one of the IMF/WB¥s successes. In 1990 the first post-stalinist government accepted a US dollar 3.9 billion loan and promised to implement a SAP and make our country a part of global capitalism. Now there is 10% unemployment. 60.000 workers do not receive wages for their labour or receive them irregularly and only small parts of them. 63% of them get lower wages than is the average. Real incomes of working class families have dropped by 13%. A value of basic social benefits lowered by 44% and their ratio to GDP fell by 60%. This and similar IMF/WB successes benefit local and foreign capitalists, not workers and the poor of the Third and the First world and for their environment they mean a total disaster. The capitalist globalisation is just a continuation of neo-colonialism, where imperialist states and their trans-national corporations suck an enormous wealth out of the Third world (including post-stalinist Eastern and Central Europe) and force their own workers to compete with workers of developing countries - ie. anti-social neo-liberal policy, which is used over here on the periphery, is implemented also in metropolitan countries. In EU unemployment is rising up to 10%. There are 50 millions of people living in poverty and 5 million of the homeless in EU. There are 30 millions of people in USA suffering malnutrition. And in the same time the 200 richest people of the Earth have bigger properties than combined incomes of 41% of the world¥s population.

This situation can not be changed by anything less than a global and internationalist revolutionary movement of workers and the poor, which will eliminate the capitalist system itself, because it is this system, what is responsible for social and environmental disasters of today. Nevertheless, it is worthy of organising protest to shut down IMF/WB and to cancel the Third world debt. For it is only through mass direct actions and practicing direct federalist democracy and autogestion of class struggles that such a revolutionary movement can be created. And an international mobilisation against flagships of the capitalist globalisation - IMF/WB - can be besides day-to-day class struggles on social and environmental fields can be an important means of growth of global proletariat¥s global self-organisation and self-consciousness. And it is primarily in a struggle, where an Anarchist alternative of a global stateless federation of libertarian socialist regions can assert itself.

That is why we - the revolutionary anarchist workers, unemployed and students from a small Central European country - express our solidarity with A16 RACB and with the US working class people struggling to shut down IMF/WB meeting in Washington, DC. There will be a solidarity demo on April 17th in Prague. We are with you in your struggles, be with us on September 26th! Together we can build a global self-organised revolutionary movement that will change the world!

Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists - Solidarita March 25th, Brno, Czech Republic.

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