Update on Czech anarchists who attacked Albright

Dear Comrades

Revolutionary Anarchist greetings from the Czech Republic!

Solidarita thanks you very much for your support to our comrades, Jindrich Lumbach and Milan Naplava (if you were interested we could also email you some photos taken on the spot). Solidarity messages can be sent to this e.mail address (please include your own email address or we will not be able to answer to you; in this way we would like to apologise for not replying to all of you who expressed their solidarity, offered their help and asked for more information, but did not write us their email addresses):. We think it will be sufficient now to send protest letters and petitions to Czech ambassador in your countries and to organise demos in front of them. If you will collect some money for legal costs of our comrades you can send them to a Czech bank IPB on the account we emailed to a-infos last time. Please, make your donations payable to Milan Naplava.

We estimate total costs (defendant, trial, fine) to be maximum 600 US dollars. We found a defandant who is - bacause of his anti-imperialist sentiments - working for our comrades for very little money. We do not expect our comrades to be sent to prison. The action was very successful in that that through its immediate reaction to it, the Czech capitalist State proved itself to be a faithfull servant of US imperialism. A great proportion of working class and poor population got learned this and approves the action. The State is now trying to get rid off this case as quickly and silently as possible. A social democratic senator already asked the president Havel to give our comrades pardon and some figures from the government support this kind of solution. Also it is pretty possible that no judge will risc sending our comrades to prison as this is not usual practice in such cases and it would look like a political revenge from the State. So we have all reasons to believe that our comrades will be sentenced to paying fine and damages they are said to inflict on the mad bomber Albright.

Thank you very much in advance for any kind of support.

In solidarity

Vadim Barak
International Secretary of Solidarita

Czech revolutionary anarchists prosecuted for attacking U.S. state secretary, Madelaine Albright, with eggs!

On 6th of March 2000 two members of the Czech organisation of revolutionary anarchists Solidarita showed their resistance towards the American imperialism and threw several eggs on the US state secretary, Madelaine Albright.

Czech revolutionary anarchists appeal for international solidarity

On March 6th two Czech revolutionary anarchists attacked the US State Secretary with eggs to protest against capitalist globalisation Now they face a threat of two years imprisonment or a financial fine

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