Czech revolutionary anarchists prosecuted for attacking U.S. state secretary, Madelaine Albright, with eggs!

On 6th of March 2000 two members of the Czech organisation of revolutionary anarchists Solidarita showed their resistance towards the American imperialism and threw several eggs on the US state secretary, Madelaine Albright.

She was on her official visit to the Czech Republic; just few days after a false speculation occured that she is going to run in next presidential elections in our country. Many neoliberals were enthusiastic about this information and expressed their support for her potential candidature. But not so the Czech working class enraged about destruction of the economy by Western capital, about barbaric war against Yugoslavia and servility of the Czech ruling class to a new Big Brother.=20

On 6.3. 2000 Albright gave speech to students of Masaryk University in Brno. Four of our comrades managed to get through a tight police and security control and mixed with students. When Albright was going to approach the students and let them to shake her hand, two of the comrades, Milan Naplava and Jindrich Lumbach, started to throw eggs on her, shouting a slogan: "Death to the American imperialism!" One of the eggs spoiled Albright=B4s dress. The police and bodyguards were absolutely shocked that several revolutionaries were able to get so close to M. Albright and attack her. A Czech president Vaclav Havel - a faithfull servant of American imperialism - quickly denounced those brave revolutionary anarchists.

Our comrades were immediately arrested by the police and detained from about 11.00 of March 6th to 14.00 of March 7th. They were interrogated by the police and photographed probably by a men of CIA. This act of anti-imperialist resistance enjoys a wide support among Czech working class people, who are very sensitive to political and economic pressures of American imperialism (disguised as globalisation). A lot of angry ordinary people with anti-imperialist sentiments spontaneously phoned to the police station and protested against the arrest of our comrades of Solidarita and demanded their unconditional release. Other revolutionary anarchists of Solidarita did the same.

After these protests they were released but are prosecuted for a criminal act of disorder and can be sentenced to prison for two years. An usual practice in such cases is to give to the disorderer a fine, but heads of Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and state prosecutor demand an imprisonement. The Czech capitalist state proves to be nothing more than a lackey of imperialist powers - USA and EU.

This action was a protest against continuing attack on the Czech working class, which is more and more hit by the effects of the capitalist globalisation - the form of imperialism at the end of the second millenium. It was a symbolic act of revolutionary anarchist resistance to this capitalist globalisation and its chief engines: imperialist USA and US dominated transnational institutions like IMF, WB, WTO or NATO. It was a symbolic act of revolutionary anarchist solidarity with suffering workers, working peasants and the poor of Irag, Cuba, Yugoslavia and Kosovo. It is they who are hit by imperialist embargos and wars, not their murderous local rulers.

Our comrades need your solidarity and help. Please, organise demos at Czech ambassies, petitions to Czech ambassadors etc. and demand that the charge against our comrades be immediately dropped. We also desperately need financial help as we will need to pay for a lawyer. If you want to help, wright for more information

In solidarity

Vadim Barak
International Secretary of Solidarita

Czech revolutionary anarchists appeal for international solidarity

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