Czech revolutionary anarchists, who attacked U.S. state secretary Madeleine Albright, appeal for international solidarity

On March 6th two Czech revolutionary anarchists, members of the platformist organisation Solidarita, attacked US State Secretary, Madeleine Albright, with eggs to protest against capitalist globalisation driven by transnational financial and trade institutions dominated by US imperialism (IMF, WB, WTO).

Now they face a threat of two years imprisonment or a financial fine. Anyway they will have to pay for legal costs, which can reach several tens of thousands of Czech Crons (several thousands of US dollars).

The Czech organisation of revolutionary anarchists Solidarita stands firmly by our two comrades, Milan Naplava and Jindrich Lumbach. We organise a support campaign for our comrades at home. Media coverage is wide and so is a public support. We organise financial collections to pay for legal costs. Now we call on an international class struggle anarchist movement, revolutionary unionists and other libertarian socialists to join our support campaign on an international level. We urge you to organise demos at Czech ambassies and write petitions and protest letters to Czech ambassadors. We ask you to send financial help to the bank account that Solidarita set up in IPB (Investment and Post Bank) in the Czech Republic. The number of the account is: INBACZPP 164035592/5100. Thank you very much.

Please, let us know of any kind of support you give to our comrades

In solidarity

Vadim Barak
International Secretary of Solidarita

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