Prague demonstrationists expressed their solidarity with protests in Washington

PRAGUE (AN-CR, April 17) - About 400 people expressed their solidarity with participants of Washington protests against IMF, WB and a capitalist globalization. The fellow-feeling demonstration took place in Prague on April 16 and it was organized by Initiative against an economic globalization (Iniciativa proti ekonomicke globalizaci - INPEG).

Speechs were delivered by Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF), Czechoslovak Anarchist Association (CAS), Independent Social-Ecology Movement (NESEHNUTI), Socialist Solidarity and Solidarity - Organization of Revolutionary Anarchists. "...we don¥t demand reforms, we struggle for the international working class and opressed people to organize for revolutionary change," said a speaker of Solidarity and he expressed solidarity in particular with participants of A16 Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc. People from Germany, Holland, etc. took part in the demonstration too.

Participants of the demonstration which was forbidden by authorities marched through a centre of Prague after the speechs. The march was stopped by the police on the Wenceslas Square. Organizators brought the peaceful demonstration to an end here and people want to disperse but the police tactics was directed at a provocation. Policemen confine the pupole on a pavement and didn¥t let them disperse. About 10 people was arrested in the end, some of them was beaten.

Perhaps 10 neonacists from a group National Resistance come to the square after the demonstrationists left and neonacists discussed as friends with policemen. afterwards neonacists attacked several members of Socialist Solidarity.

INPEG ( was established as a democratic implement of communication and co-ordination among individuals and groups which want to protest against the annual summit of IMF and WB in Prague on September 2000. INPEG includes variety groups - for instance reformists (as NESEHNUTI), anarchists (as CSAF or Solidarity) and leninists (as Socialist Solidarity, sister organization of British SWP).

Solidarita's speech at the Prague solidarity demo with Washington DC anti - IMF/WB protests

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