Jimmy lives his life for charity
Jimmy's got no wife just an O.B.E.
Everybody depends on Jimmy
Jimmy's getting a little cheesed off
Jimmy reckons they've all enough
If they want Jim it's tough

 Coz when you're Jimmy Saville
 Everybody thinks yer brill
 Think yer brill 
 But Jim'll Fix It's to be done
 Then that bleedin' Great North Run
 The Great North Run 
 No it's never too much fun for James

Jimmy does get up at 4:30
But Jimmy does not get time for breaky
He's not complaining, Jimmy's training
Somebody's sponsoring Jim again
So Jimmy bites his tongue & counts to ten
"Oh stuff this" Jimmy snarles

Coz when you're Jimmy Saville...

For James there's no time off, Jimmy's in deep
For James there ain't no sleep

When you're...

Jimmy, Jimmy Saville oo oo Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Saville

Howza 'bout that then guys & gals