The word you learn to love 
The disapproval that you hate that's 
Mother from Mother
They teach you to respect... 
Makes you always want to please
Mother Mother 

The one who keeps you warm 
The one who keeps you warm 
And shelters you from harm 
And shelters you from harm 
Watch out she'll stunt your mind 
She'll open up your mind 
'Til you emulate her kind 
To make you good and make you kind 
Is that Mother? 

Downstairs I don't know 
Downstairs I don't know 
If it's the springs in her bed 
Why I feel safe in my bed 
Or her joints I hear 
When I know I'm alone 
Creaking overhead 
She must be watching overhead 
Mother Mother 

She'll twist the words you speak 
She'll kiss and say goodbye 
If she thinks you're near escape 
If you want to go away 
Mother Mother
So she clutches at her brood 
So she gathers up her brood 
And sits across its face 
And smiles into their face 
She sucks up all its energy 
She beams down vital energy 
And smothers their last breath 
She gave us out first breath 
Oh Mother Mother 

The thing you grow to hate 
The love you won't forget