I finally found a job in a paper
Movin' barrels at a chemical plant
There's shiny-looking dust on
my fingers
Goin' up my nose and into my 

It's the  Kepone poisoning—Minamata
Kepone poisoning—Minamata
At the grimy Kepone Factory
Turning people into bonzai trees 
Now I've got these splitting headaches
I can't quite get it up no more
I can't sleep and it's driving me crazy
I shake all day and I'm seeing double 
Kepone poisoning—Minamata
Kepone poisoning—Minamata 

Gonna go down your big metal building
Gonna slam right through your bright 
metal door
Gonna grab you by your sta-prest collar
And ram some kepone down your throat 

The lawyer says 'That's the breaks, kid
Gonna gnarl and rot the rest of your life
If you don't sue, we'll give you a 
That I'll never drive cos I shake 
all the time 

'Cause of the Kepone poisoning 
At the grimy Kepone factory.