Was it you who took the money,
To the land of milk and honey ?
Your past is catching up on you,
Put it on a conveyor belt. 
The chips are down, the cards are dealt, 
You won't be calling trumps no more. 

Everone's getting decent,
And that's what I regret. 
Don't want no mass production, 
Don't want no mass production blues. 

I believe in quality,
Liberate the quantity. 
Not like battery hens in a cage, 
The self-help seekers soldier on. 
They won't stop 'till the war is won, 
Got no industrial spies 'round here. 

One a penny, two a penny,
Blocking up all the roads. 
One a penny, two a penny, 
Trucks are ditching their loads. 
Piling 'em here, piling 'em there,
Blocking out the light of the sun. 
One a penny, two a penny,
And that's just about as cheap as they come. 

Your brand new name ain't no good, 
I never ever thought it would. 
Just another snake in the grass, 
Your cheapskate brain waves schemes, 
Are just a fantasy of your brains,
Wake up it's the 20th Century.