They're the sons and daughters of well off bankers
Tom Robinsons' army of trendy wankers
Flared blue jeans and anoracks
With yellow streaks all down their backs
Who act so tough when their on tv
But trendy wankers don't scare me

 Oi! Oi! Oi! Chosen few
 This is what we think of you
 Surburban rebels playing at reds
 You would be urban terrorists
 You don't scare us with your badges and banners
 You know fuck all about heavy manners

You're the middle class kiddies from public schools
Who write the slogans on the toilet walls
Like Tony Benn's clones in plastic masks
You wave a hammer and sickle, never Union Jacks
Got lots of mouth when your in a crowd 
But when your alone you don't speak loud