Hanging on the corner, living on borrowed time
Taking my chances, stepping out over the line
Always trying to tell me
You're coming to the end of the line
One day you'll push your luck too far
You're living on borrowed time

 Living on borrowed time
 Every day fighting for whats mine
 Living life one foot over the line
 Living on borrowed time

Don't talk about the future, i might never see the day
I don't wanna be trapped here, No i don't wanna stay
It's this life that i want more of, Thats what i got to say
Its up to you, you can come along or get the hell out of the way
Got reasons i should stay here and reasons i should go
If you try to push me there's one thing you should know
There's a man standing right in front of you with a fire in his eyes
And if you try to push him, well i wouldn't eve try