Drinking a Familiar ale
As i listen to a tale
Of a friendship that was won and lost
A long time ago
And I just can't pretend 
That it doesn't hurt at all

You'll never see the Day
That I walk away
I'll never turn my back on you
No Fear-Good Friends
Brothers till the end
Thats what we said so long ago
No fear-Good Friends
Brothers till the end
Means more to me than you will ever Know
Do you ever thin back
To the nights we swore it would last
You turned your back, you lost your way
Forever thats what we said
Those dreams we had some are coming true
But I've done it all in spite of you
Till the end thats what we said
But where are you now

Call it fate call it what you like
But you stole away like a thief in the night
Once i called you my brother
And i just can't forgive
I blame you for the damage done
I never thought you'd turn and run
As though you never knew me
And you never will again