This isn't another new fashion
Or a new plastic trend,
Everybody's searching for something
But in the mean time let's all just pretend
I've got this feeling
And I don't know what it is,
This room is overcrowded man
And I need air to breath
Big bang, big crunch,
You know there's no free lunch
Kneel down and pray,
Here comes your judgment day
Big crunch, you know it's going
To be quite a show
What goes around always comes around
A million hopeless faces
Dwell within protected walls,
All waiting for a moment in their lives
When they can heed the clarion call,
And it's all so oppressive my mind feels
Like a sieve,
This city is overcrowded man
And I need room to live
I think of the countless shadows
That have all come and gone,
All suffering in the notion of better
Things to come,
If you share these beliefs
You know I wish you well,
'cause there's no room left in heaven,
And there's no room in hell.