{ 1 }      Convert our National-liberation front on Front of National Understandig..
Let unity, we all small parties and movements, what declares their politics as Demókratéi, and at first row that Demokracy Staright !
.. let it be for us test if something like this is possible or not !! .. And if is it really about IDEAL or only our EGOS !!!

VOTE !! Yes or ..no ?? Really - more possibilities than two is unbelievable !

{ 2 }      Long live Demokracy & Socializm !!
Let co-operate with Social Demokracy.. ! Like with party, if not maybe the best then unleast GOOD-ONE !!
.. But iff not or yes will be first question of election our STRAIGHT DEMOKRACY. ( We don't think, that somebody will be so stupid to use our activity to kolaboration with Jude-fascist - Leviatan-satanist - Pseudoaristokratic pro-judish Part Konzerv-ative - O.D.S. - O.o.P.S. !!! )

VOTE !! Yes! - for coalition or No! - for neutrality ! ( otherwise we fuck such "Demokracy" !! )

{ 3 }      New Constitution of Status Politics !! !!
Work hard for re-election of our modern government of SPEIALISTS and NON-PARTYMEN ! Let give to them mandate and let change byrokracy to TEXNOKRACY !!
( Fuck out of Constitution of ČR.. institution of RIP-public.. otherwise.. Konstitution Aristokracy !! All power, is of all people.. here ..?? As well as ochloz and idiótos ?!?!
Is transparent, that it is not trust !! And beside this rigthful owners are.. 1] INTELLIGENCE.. a 2] WORKING-CLASS..
Today is all power owned by only "elits" - s-elected.. but tommorow can be owned by ALL honored people and reprezented by elits INTELECTUALs !!! !!! !!! )

VOTE !! If No!.. then we have there one more alternative.. - ..here is part of text of our Manifesto 2007..!!

Apolitical acces in government - let is not important, which subject of Republic Čekk - individualist, group, church, party, - give a bill of law. Orientation filozofical (social, political or other programm) let is also unimportant . Straiht demokracy means acceptation of existence of "rule of human acting" by majority of population. (Laws - unchangable reallities - can be, in our thinks, only fyzical origin..rised from Anarchy.)
For beggings we can respect some limitations from elits, like is cenzoreship of a bills of laws an also period of elections, fo example 1x for a month..

Apolitical representation of state - let ministres becames by elits sugested and by people elected specialists of their rezorts. Premiér let is neutralist militant a prezident post let is for Miss of the year. Resourses - funds - let them unlimited, control of their activits let is continual and public - cameras system.

Next more possible ideas of changes : expandition of education resourses - state workshops for unemployted - all edicting drugs for recipe, but only for working-people - legalize marihuanna and cigarettes only for addicted cheaply on recipe - elder commor of parlament, senate annihilate - for parlamentars same money as for unemployted if their hasn't own their funds, or max. same as minimal wages - social funds only as rent and food - unlimited freedom of speech - whole life prisonation for murder ..

Will not be nessesary to realize all poits, to contention will be good emancipation elits with common men..
Details are on individual political groups, if there is no other solution we can say our oppinions for bills.. Because, we do not need absolut trutht!! Let win the best of BILL, not same best man or party..

[ If NOTHIG !! ..then we'll must say that WAR is still continue !! We alone wasn't start it, and we alone cannot end it !!
That's why we will scream.. SEPARACIÓN ! !! WIWE L.N. !! !! Liberty for exploited, beated-down, ANARXISTIC nation ! !! !! !!! !!!! !! !!!! !! !!!! ]

[[ Otherwise, you are right, is it all unimportant !!! Worse than the horst won't be so easy so fast again ..]]

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