This pages was created as generally useful thoughts so we hope that will be o.k. if we used your materials.

Thanx in first wave to creators of FALLOUT for superb game, "VAULT-TEC"s and positive imaging of punk movement.
Next thanx is for people who spend their time and energy in work for punk-scene such Becky's, PunkNet '77 as well as more others...
Of course we can't forget to thanx all punk bands who published their lyrics on InterNet a their music is great source of motivation.
Thanx also to all authors and writter and publishers of all books we save in our library for next generations.
The same thanx to all software firms and crackers !:-), but more thanx to all independent =freeware= programmers: Arachnophilia (Anarchophillia?? :-) ), LYNUX, WinAmp.
In the end we thanx to everyone who lead us to the light of knowledge and held us in bad times - and fuck off to the other ones...
And especially thanx to everyone who enjoy our effort and to everyone who fights for your punk (or any anarcho) opinions.